Ishbel update


So I’ve just discovered … after knitting one and a half portions of the lace that I will definately not have enough for a complete shawl… its hand dyed wool 😦 so I cant really get another ball exactly the same 😦


Now I face the agonising – rip back and go with the small version …. or continue on and do a small lace pattern…. or continue it and join a new slightly different dyed ball and hope it looks ok 😥


Lesson learnt! Look at the pattern and see how much yarn you need BEFORE starting. GAH !

Second lesson I’ve learnt is to ball up future skiens … otherwise you end up with a barf-tangle (See below my lovely barf-tangle)


Other than that I have been eating countless numbers of chocolates. I should probably ban myself from the chocolate store… BUT they are soooo good ! 😀



excuse the fuzzy picture. My decent camera has went a-wall 😦

Heres my shawl so far with the lace starting to show 😀






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