Teapot cosy adventures and other past knitting


Im knitting up a teacosy! Its from this pattern here : http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mistake-rib-tea-cosy The winter has been here for ages and Im sick of my tea getting cold!

So here is one side of my lovely cosy!


I dont know if I should do two different sides for the teapot cosy ? I get bored easily ! so the change of sides might be nice! answers below please lol! 🙂 basically I have this lovely wool and it has a purple speckled bit (you can see it in the owl below)  in it too that I’d have to cut away if I want the sides to be exactly the same… seems a waste of wool!

I made my lovely sisters these presents for their christmas and they loved them! I actually want to knit me one of each for myself ! so much I want to do!!! not enough time!!!

13755_10100400105053671_1564868551_n 408678_10100400104809161_1721523775_n

The fox is a pattern by the lovely TinyOwlKnits 😀 her patterns really are amazing. You should definately have a look over at her ravelry and her website www.tinyowlknits.com She has many many other knits I want to try at a later stage.  The fox was quite a straightforward knit too and Im pleased how he turned out. He took about 2 weeks to complete but I done him over a month along with my beekeeper quilt hexagonals I am doing. I used jamieson’s spindrift as suggested in the pattern, its a little on the itchy side of wool but looks lovely! I contemplated using fun fur to line him … or perhaps a fleece liner would work. Anyway he lives on my sister Kate’s neck now and is very loved.

The owl pattern is Owl puffs which I also found in ravelry… http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/owl-puffs  

This one didnt take quite as long as the fox, its really really easy to follow for a beginner so if you’re looking for a good easy toy this is it! I filled mine with chickpeas to give it some weight at the bottom … and then stuffed the top with some old pillow stuffing. Worked a treat 😀 and I didnt even need to buy buttons ! They were hiding in a drawer unloved before being given the task of owl eyes…

And I made this mushroom this week. My lovely husband Alain is driven insane with my constant knitting and bought me Ysolda Teague’s Whimsical Little Knits book … this was in the book and the Ishbel shawl.

mushroom 001

Isn’t it sooooo cute! I want to make a fairy scene with more of these! Little gnomey feels right at home 🙂 It is suitably fairy like for my taste! Now to buy the red yarn …. and some white… for an even more fairy like mushroom! *toodles off to find some*… talk to you all soon xxx


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