More ishbel


Hello hello!

I have now finished lace part A,B,A,B and am awaiting my new custom dyed wool from the lovely astashaddict πŸ™‚ Shes been snowed under and hasnt been able to do much wool dying due to her pipes being iced up! I haven’t posted here for a little bit due to my camera breaking 😦

canon 078 canon 076 canon 079 canon 070

But I have a new one! so here is my ishbel ! You can really see the lovely pattern appearing!Β  I had a major hiccup with it at one point… and despite putting a lifeline in I just couldn’t bear to rip it … so I painfully knit it back a row and a half to find my error where I had forgotton to pass the slipped stitch over. It took me at least six hours to fix my mistake! yikes. That will teach me NOT to knit when I’m sleepy and only pick up an easier knit…

So apart from knitting this I haven’t been knitting anything else as I’m waiting on new wool from Jamiesons spindrift for my beekeepers blanket. I have however been keeping myself busy with my little one and taking pictures! So meet my mad little family. This is Alex πŸ™‚ He’s 15 months and toddling about like mad ! Keeps me super busy and just had his dreaded MMR. I love his cute little almond shaped eyes and it’s so true that when you have a little one you fall in love with them instantly. He’s my whole world.

canon 043

canon 025

This is me! I forgot to mention my name is Julie πŸ™‚ I reckon my little one looks like me ? no ? haha.

canon 006

Dinner times can get very messy hehe!

Meet my dachshund Rufus. Hes a lovely dog but doesnt much like big doggies :/

canon 016

and of course my two cats;

DSCF0387 canon 028

The top cat is 9 years old and Timmy and Bear is the other cat. He was a rescue cat and must be about 16 years old now !! He’s still pretty happy with life but has developed a ‘chase random non existant mice’ thing at night. I can hear him pitter pattering around the house chasing his imaginary mice. Quite odd lol!

Oh my 26th birthday came and went and I got this for my present !

Β canon 081

Well thats all folks! catch up when I have done more knitting and have more to show you all ! πŸ˜›


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