All things quite un-spring-ly


So the snow is still falling and we’ve had some lovely walks in the snow in the past month. At the moment the snow isn’t quite this thick (we dont seem to have any on the ground now) but we are still getting flurries of snow here and there, Where is spring!? as you can see we’ve had snow , then lovely spring weather and now back to snow again 🙂 The horse is clearly amused at this. He lives in townhill just near Town Loch for the water sports centre, as does the little robin that will sit literally cms away from you not even bothered in the hope he gets some food. The locals love him 🙂

IMG_2350IMG_2629 IMG_2603   IMG_2535         Spring is almost here though, you can just about see it teasing us with early flowers on the trees! I found some at Dunfermline glen…. so I have proof!

I have now got new wool to play with to try and finish my shawl.


It’s quite different to the previous wool though so I’m not totally sure on how it will look when finished but I’ve decided to alternate rows for the moment until the new wool runs out to try and attempt to blend them. And I seem to have hit a dead end again as I seem to have dropped stitches somewhere again…so I will have to gather up the courage to un-knit and redo. Anyway, here is it in its sort of mishap way… :/


My teapot cosy is finally finished and I totally love it!


The colours remind me of fresh spring slowly blending into a hot summer. It makes me want to knit more of these cosies 🙂

With all this snow I haven’t really felt the urge to go out much so I have indulged in baking chocolate cupcakes with my not so little sister (she’s 13).


I’m a sucker for chocolate… next on my agenda is a rainbow cake to try encourage the spring to hurry up and invite some lovely rainbow love in my life!

I may have also bought all teh yarns!


I love Attic24 and I decided I’d try make her lovely tin crochet covers for my mini daffodils that were just sitting lonely in their little yellow pots just like hers. Here is one I made 🙂


although I haven’t any buttons… must add them to very long growing list of ‘craft’ things I want. My husband won’t be pleased ! 😛 Staying on the topic of Attic24 I decided I must have a ripple blanket just like hers. They are too gorgeous to not have.  And I can imagine snuggling up on the sofa with my little boy under a yummy soft flow of lovely rainbow sunshine.

Although… that initial plan of starting a ripple didn’t really happen as I lended up making some of these african flower hexagons.


Gives me an excuse to buy even more yarn when I inevitably start my ripple and run out of it!! oopsy.  Yet to decide what these hexagons will become – perhaps a pillow or if I’m brave I might soldier on and make a small blanket. I can sense the pillow will be more likely though! I am too impatient.

Well that’s all I’ve been up to. Apart from reballing wool after my cheeky little boy has discovered the wool stash and pulls it all over the floor. It makes me want to die a little bit inside LOL! Oh and I treated myself to these lovely china earrings I found on ebay.


I love vintage stuff. It makes my heart skip a little bit with joy. I am tempted to buy a brooch in the same sort of colours to use for my shawl when I finish it, IF I ever finish it!!


Heres a picture of me with my new extreme retro glasses. They will either make you laugh your little bum off or you’ll like them… I think I go with the first choice myself though!!


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