Scottish summer bliss.


So summer has hit Scotland finally!! We have sun and although its not very warm, its warm enough to sit in with shorts and a tshirt sipping on a cola with slices of lemon dropped in. Yum. That was exactly what I done today inbetween all the gardening…. Here’s a sneaky look at my lovely chives in full bloom. Dont they look so pretty 😀

DSCN0091 DSCN0089

Although the weeds are a pain atm. But I do love the ones which are particularly pretty !


Cheeky cat is strolling around my garden hoping to catch some birdies.

DSCN0095  DSCN0096

So what have I been up to?! Well I havent posted in a little while (apoligies!) but I really really didnt have anything interesting to post as my current project felt like it took a small age to complete with a little toddler taking up most of my time and eating into my valuable crafting time 😦

But here is my lovely attic24 blooming flower !!

Image DSCN0136DSCN0134

And the back of it :DSCN0137

Instead of crocheting it all the way round I made an adjustment and left a hole and crocheted a little flap with buttonholes and buttons. I done this because I know for a fact my sticky fingered little chocolate loving toddler does love to get everything mucky and this pillow cover will not be exempt from normal ‘get stuff mucky’ parades he goes on. 😛 I am yet to sew on the buttons fully on but got far too excited to share my pillow yummyness.


I will update again soon because I have more to share on other things I have been crocheting but enjoy any sun that comes your way ! x


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